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The Rise of Moscow - What Can See Foreign Tourists in Moscow?


Это пример топика по английскому языку для 5 класса на тему Sights of Moscow, What Can See Foreign Tourists in Moscow или The Rise of Moscow.

I’m living in one of the most beautiful city with the great history in the world – Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation. This city was founded more than eight centuries ago by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky.

The Rise of Moscow

From 1147 the history of Moscow began. Every year the city became bigger and bigger. Nowadays the government thinks about including several small towns near my city to Moscow.

Since the time of Prince Yuri the city became more and more powerful. In the thirteen century Moscow was the center of the struggle of Russia for liberation from tartar yoke. Later the Tsar Ivan the Terrible made Moscow the center of the new united country. But in 1712 the new capital became Saint Petersburg, which was founded by imperator Peter the Great.

All in all, Moscow remains the heart of Russia. In 1812 my city was a target for Napoleon’s army. Government decided to burn down the city otherwise it would be occupied by French army.

In the result, three-quarters of the city was destroyed, which helped us to become victories in that war. Fortunately the city was completely restored by the middle of nineteen century. After 1917 (The Great October Revolution) Moscow was proclaimed the capital again.

Moscow was the birthplace for many talented writers, politicians, singers, actor and other. Moreover, after October Revolution, when the royal family was killed, lots of their relatives and talented people, who didn’t support the new regime, were forced to leave their homeland.

Such people, like compose Rahmaninov, writer Bunin, singer Chaliapin and other, they all missed Moscow and the whole country very much.

Enormous works of art, literature and musical compositions were born at that period of Russian immigration. But that time was the sad age in the history of our country. Several times later regime became rather softly and many people could come back.

What Can See Foreign Tourists in Moscow? 

Today Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe (by the way in 1147 the whole territory of the city was just the area of Kremlin). The population is more than ten million.

The Red Square is reputed the heart of Moscow. Lots of historic places situated there: for example, The Kremlin, the Spasskay Tower (the symbol of Moscow), the Tsar-Cannon, the Tsar-Bell (the biggest cannon in the world), The Tsar-Bell, St Basil Cathedral (it was built by order of Ivan the Terrible in memory of the victory over Kazan.

The cathedral was so beautiful, that Tsar decided to blind the architects Postnik and Barma, in order that they didn’t build better masterpiece that that). All over the world the most famous ballet is Russian.

It’s hard to find a person, who didn’t hear about The Bolshoi Theatre, where the most talented singer and dances appeared on stage. Our drama theatres are also well-known.

Greatest actors and actress are following the system of Stanislavsky. In my city lots of different theatres: Malyi Theatre, Sovremenik, TUZ, MHT in honor of Chekhov, Lenkom, Theatre at Taganka, Peter Fomenko Theatre etc.

In Moscow there are more than hundred museums and galleries: The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Alexei Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, The All-Russia Museum of Folk Arts, Michael Glinka Museum of Musical Cultural, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the History Museum, the Cosmonautics Museum etc.

In addition to this, every week professors from the state universities read lectures in all these museums. In my native city there are two biggest library (the History Library and the State Lenin Library).

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